American Society for Exosomes and Microvesicles

Program 2015


ASEMV 2015 will be held Oct 16-20 at the Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort, Golf Club & Spa in Marco Island, Florida, USA.

ASEMV2015 Meeting program is downloadable here ...


Friday Oct 16, 2015
5:00-7:00PM Registration and poster setup
7:00-8:45PM Session I
8:45-10:30PM Welcome Reception
Saturday Oct 17, 2015
7:00-8:00AM Breakfast
8:00AM-12:20PM Session II
12:20-1:30PM Lunch
1:30-7:00 Open
7:00-9:00PM Session III
9:00-11:00PM Poster session/reception
Sunday Oct 18, 2015
7:00-8:00AM Breakfast
8:00AM-12:20PM Session IV
12:20-1:30PM Lunch
1:30-7:00 Open
7:00-8:30PM Session V
8:30-10:00PM Poster session/reception
Monday Oct 19, 2015
7:00-8:00 Breakfast
8:00AM-12:20PM Session VI
12:30-1:30PM Lunch
1:30-7:00 Open
Tuesday Oct 20, 2015


Friday Oct.16

5:00-7:00PM Registration Abstract #
7:00-8:45PM Session I
Chair Michael Graner
7:00-7:10PM Michael Graner, University of Colorado
Opening of ASEMV2015
7:10-8:10PM Lawrence Rajendran 1
Beckman/Coulter Lecture: Role of membrane trafficking in Alzheimer’s disease
8:10-8:45PM Johan Skog, Exosome Diagnostics 2
Exosome-based clinical testing: application to prostate cancer
8:45-10:30PM Opening reception

Saturday Oct. 17

8:00AM-12:20PM Session II Abstract #
Co-Chairs Xandra Breakefield & Johan Skog
8:00-8:30AM Louise Laurent, UC San Diego 3
Discovery of extracellular miRNA biomarkers for placental dysfunction
8:30-9:00AM Florin Selaru, Johns Hopkins University 4
Treatment of desmoplastic cancers with extracellular vesicles
9:00-9:30AM Alissa Weaver, Vanderbilt University 5
KRAS signaling regulates Argonaute 2 (Ago2) and miRNA sorting into exosomes
9:30-10:00AM Fatah Kashanchi, George Mason University 6
Exosome from latent virally infected cells including HIV, HTLV-1, RVFV, and Ebola control innate immune response in recipient cells
10:00-10:20AM Break
10:20-10:40AM Ritankar Majumdar, NCI/NIH 7
Exosomes Mediate LTB4 Release During Neutrophil Chemotaxis
10:40-11:00AM Tomas Szul, University of Alabama Birmingham 8
Toll-Like Receptor 4 Engagement Mediates Prolyl Endopeptidase Release from Airway Epithelia via Exosomes
11:00-11:20AM Harmeet Malhi, Mayo Clinic 9
IRE1alpha mediates the release of ceramide enriched extracellular vesicles from hepatocytes which activate macrophages
11:20-11:40AM Masamitsu Kanada, Stanford University 10
Extracellular vesicle-mediated delivery of prodrug-converting enzymes for cancer therapy
11:40AM-12:00PM Maria Mirotsou, Capricor Therapeutics 11
Development of cardiosphere-derived cell extracellular vesicles for regenerative medicine
12:00-12:20 Travis Antes, SystemsBiosciences 12
Engineering Therapeutic Nanoshuttles
12:30-1:30PM Lunch
7:00-9:00PM Session III
Chair Lawrence Rajendran
7:00-7:30PM Stefan Momma, University Hospital Frankfurt 13
Caris Discovery Lecture
Tracing extracellular vesicle-mediated transfer of functional RNA in vivo
7:30-8:00PM Dolores Di Vizio, Cedars Sinai 14
Tumor-derived large oncosomes contain kinase activity and can modulate transcription factor activation in the tumor environment
8:00-9:00PM Exosome Stories (Various Speakers)
9:00-11:00PM Evening Poster Session A/Reception

Sunday Oct. 18

8:00AM-12:30PM Session IV Abstract #
Co-Chairs Alissa Weaver and Fatah Kashanchi
8:00-8:30AM Xandra Breakefield, MGH/Harvard 15
Extracellular RNA in brain tumors – saboteurs and biomarkers
8:30-9:00AM Clark Chen, UC San Diego 16
CSF exosomal miRNAs as a biomarker platform for glioblastoma
9:00-9:20AM John Semmes 17
Targeting extracellular vesicles for biomarker discovery and as potential assay vehicles
9:20-9:40AM Muller Fabri, University of Southern California 18
Exosomic microRNA exchange promotes drug resistance
9:40-10:00 Y. Peng Loh, NICHD/NIH 19
Carboxypeptidase E:  A prognostic cancer biomarker in tumors and circulating exosomes
10:00-10:20AM Break
10:20-10:40AM Goran Ronquist 20
Proteomic Profiling of Detergent Resistant Membranes (Lipid Rafts) of Prostasomes
10:40-11:00AM Andrew Hoffman, Tufts University 21
Are exosomes the next nanotheranostic frontier for cardiac disease?  Explorations in a canine spontaneous mitral valve disease model
11:00-11:30AM Sasha Vlassov, Life Technologies 22
Exosomes as source of biomarkers
11:30-12:00 Huiping Liu, Case Western Reserve University 23
Developing exosome-based therapeutics targeting cancer stem cells
12:00-12:30 A. C. Matin, Stanford University 24
Use of a new visualizable prodrug regimen for specific targeting of Her2 positive breast cancer using exosomes
12:30-1:30PM Lunch
7:00-8:30PM Session V
Chair Stephen Gould
7:00-7:30PM Geoffrey de Couto, Cedars Sinai Heart Institute 25
Biodistribution of cardiosphere-derived cell exosomes: preferential uptake and
polarization by macrophages after systemic delivery
7:30-8:00PM Norman Haughey, Johns Hopkins University 26
Exosystems regulate communication between the brain and immune system via the liver
8:00-8:30PM L. Shannon Holliday 27
Extracellular vesicles released by osteoclasts inhibit osteoclastogenesis in 1,25- dihydroxyvitamin D3-stimulated mouse marrow cultures
8:30-10:00PM Evening Poster Session B/Reception

Monday Oct. 19

8:00AM-12:30PM Session VI  Abstract #
Chair Stephen Gould
8:00-8:30AM Michael Graner, University of Colorado 28
Transcriptional regulator proteins in EVs: the potential to mediate downstream pathways
8:30-9:00AM Jeff Franklin, Vanderbilt University 29
Oncogene patterning of the tumor microenvironment via exosomes
9:00-9:30AM Mikhail Skliar, University of Utah 30
Size and shape characterization of serum extracellular vesicles in hydrated and dessicated forms
9:30-10:00AM Antonio De Maio, UC San Diego 31
Heat shock increases the production of extracellular vesicles
10:00-10:20AM Break
10:20-10:50AM Janos Zempleni, University of Nebraska 32
The intestinal transport of bovine milk exosomes is mediated by endocytosis in human colon carcinoma Caco-2 cells and rat small intestinal IEC-6 cells
10:50-11:20AM Martin Schlumpberger, Qiagen 33
Rapid Isolation of Intact Exosomes and Extracellular Vesicles
11:20-11:40AM Kirsi Rilla, University of Eastern Finland 34
Correlative light and electron microscopy is a powerful method to study interactions of extracellular vesicles with recipient cells
11:40-12:00PM Erez Eitan, NIA/NIH 35
Lysosome status modulates exosome functions in intercellular signaling and intracellular protein disposal
12:00-12:20PM Sarah Fernando, University of British Columbia 36
Extracellular vesicles from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis tissues have misfolded SOD1 cargo and are implicated in propagation of protein misfolding
12:30-1:30PM Lunch